View from ceramic park

View from South East

Concept / reflection of park elements

Plan diagrams

View from the hill


View from the river

Sustainability concept

Museum entrance

Children's museum

New Taipei City Museum of Art

Client : New Taipei City Museum
Site : Taipei, Taiwan (5000m2)
Programme : museum
Type : competition

Our proposal for the new Taipei City museum adds the museum to the park as a new object with an own character, which at the same time enters into a dialogue with the existing park layout. A compact volume with a small footprint, shaped as an intersection of curves, which in an inversed manner reflects the many circular elements in the surroundings. It creates a new entrance to the park.
The public, free functions form two legs that carry the exhibition and collection spaces of the museum. The legs are accessed from a covered outdoor lobby at ground level, a space where park life and museum overlap protected from sun and rain.
From the outdoor lobby the visitors move via escalators up through the building. It is possible to get off on the way up and visit the library or the children's museum in the two legs. At the top of the escalators the visitor reaches the elevated second lobby of the museum. It is a grandiose new interior public square with a stunning view over the Yingge River valley. In the middle of the upper lobby, the white volumes of the temporary exhibition spaces are stacked up like a giant freestanding minimalist sculpture.