chapel interior

view to the chapel from the central square

view to the culture centre next to the chapel

upper floor plan

section AA

section BB


University Chapel

Client : Doshisha University,
Site : Kyoto, Japan (1.065m2)
Programme : new chapel, extention of a culture center
Type : study

The hexagonal shapes of the buildings make space for an intimate outdoor space with access at each of the four corners of the sites. In a big gesture, one corner of the chapel volume is sliced off, revealing a tall triangular curved wall from behind which indirect light filters into the chapel. The volume of the chapel space forms the core of the building, wrapped on three sides by a double high lobby. The hybrid form of the cultural center extension creates a link between the hexagon shaped floor plan of the chapel and the pitched roofs of the existing campus buildings. The ensemble of the two new buildings establish a focal point in the corner of the central campus square where university life as well as special moments will unfold in, around and between the buildings.