overview site A

view from the bay

shops, covered plaza and VIP-terraces

site plan



Site : Ajman, United Arab Emirates (5ha)
Team : collaboration with ONE Architecture
Programme : 240 apartments,
12.000 m2 shopping, 1550 pp
Type : competition, 1st prize

The tender competition for a big dockland development in the United Arab Emirates held by a local developer. Five offices were invited, we collaborated with another Dutch office, One Architecture. The brief gave a choice between 3 competition areas: high-rise office towers, high-rise residential towers, and low-rise residence and shopping mall. We chose the low-rise development facing the bay.
The location consists of two plots each measuring 80 meter x 300 meter. The local requirement for low-rise is 8 storeys. We placed alternating shops and covered plazas along the water side and connected them by a wide back bone corridor. At the back, the corridor connects to three levels of parking space (1550pp) and the entrance cores for the VIP gardens and the residences. The shopping spaces are 4 meter high and on top of that the VIP terraces and gardens are located, inserted into the roof which covers the whole site. The perforated roof surface provides shadow at the same time as filtering the light through a geometric pattern onto the areas below. Six housing blocks on top of the roof contain 240 apartments with 6 apartments on each floor of each block. By slightly shifting the blocks in relation to each other, all the residences get a view towards to the sea.