front facade

3rd and 4th floor plan


Client : het Oogeziekenhuis / Visio
Site : Rotterdam
Programme : bridge (240m2)
Type : competition, selected

The Oogbrug connects the 4th floor of the Oogziekenhuis, across the roof of the 3rd floor, with the 4th floor of the Visio building in a U-shaped curve that turns back to the 3rd floor of the Oogziekenhuis. Both patients and staff get the shortest possible link between the buildings, and the routes are kept separate.

The bridge will become a semi-public space high above the street of Rotterdam. It gives a shape and an atmosphere to the in-between space, offering the possibility to stop for a moment between stepping out of the hospital and into the world outside. In this space we sharpen the sensory impressions.

- The space is filled by an indirect, soft light, which is filtered through the translucent glass panels of the walls and the roof.
- The large windows are strategically placed so that they frame different important buildings on the Rotterdam skyline.
- Openable top windows for natural ventilation make it possible to hear the sounds of the city and feel the wind and the humidity of the air.
- Along the bridge, the roof of het Oogziekenhuis will become a new roof flower garden and viewing terrace.
- Two benches are placed opposite each other at the beginning points of the curve of the bridge. This is the Oogbrug whispering gallery.