View from the marshland


Site plan

View through the building at the connection between old and new

View from the central hall

View from the canteen to the surrounding landscape

Overview extension

Ground floor plan


View from the town hall garden

Toender Town Hall

Client : Toender Municipality
Site : Toender, Denmark (3000m2)
Program : town hall extension
Type : competition

Toender town hall is a house on the edge between city and nature. While the existing town hall building is facing the city, the extension makes a connection to the surrounding landscape. The 200 new work spaces are arranged around a bright central hall in a stepped back configuration in four stories with the large offices at the bottom and the smaller ones on top. This creates a dynamic work landscape with wide terraces for informal meetings and visual connections between the different administrative departments across the central space.
At the end of an axis starting at the main entrance of the existing building the new canteen opens up towards the wide marsh landscape. It is a space not only to be used by the town hall employees but also offering itself to the citizens of Toender as a new communal living room for the city.