view from the South

overview of the Orlyplein

in front of the forest circle

the current station square

site plan

large size circle (20m diameter): viewing platform and forest


section (20m diameter): theatre, football, playground

detail section

Sloterdijk Bicycle Parking

Client : Amsterdam Municipality
Site : Amsterdam, Netherlands (1.5ha)
Programme : bicycle parking, public facilities
Type : study commission

The study for a new Sloterdijk Station Square suggests solving the bicycle parking problem, the introduction of new program, and the addition of green in one simple gesture. Arranging parking places for 1500 bikes in circles of different sizes, with ring shaped roofs, a variety of open spaces are created in the centre of the circles. Here, different types of public space can be accommodated; mini parks, sport facilities, theatre, viewing platform, outdoor cafe. The new square will add a slow traffic layer to the station transport hub at the same time as providing a place to stay, meet, relax or wait for travellers and Sloterdijk office workers: a station square and neighbourhood square in one.