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Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Client : Amsterdam Tulip Museum
Site : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Programme : museum, shop, 200m2
Type : commission, completion Mar. 2012
Photo : Jeroen Musch, NEZU AYMO
Graphic design : Haller Brun
Curator : Durkje van der Wal

The new museum is a composition of 9 different thematic rooms distributed over 3 floors, all describing different aspects of the history of the tulip.
Each room gets a particular spatial character connected to the specific topic through the use of material and colour. The movement of the visitor through the sequence of different atmospheres is the element which binds the museum together to a surprising and playful experience.
The museum is entered through the museum shop, located on the Prinsengracht. Here, you find yourself standing in a landscape with long sandy earth coloured tables forming a field and the shop items the flowers growing out of it. In the background, the silhouette of a tulip farmer is working the field. Under the ceiling, hundreds of strings in different shades of greys and blues make up a typical endless Dutch sky.