Orlyplein as a tribune shaped square covering a bicycle storage

The new bicycle network

Making use of the level differences for new program

New facilities activate public space

Bicycle connection across the railroad

Entrance to the station from Carrascoplein

A green corridor along the bicycle route connects the Brettenzone and Westerpark

The green corridor along the Arlandaweg

Sloterdijk public space

Client : Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam
Site : Amsterdam, Netherlands (90ha)
Programme : urban research
Type : commission

Making use of the potential in the different levels in the urban landscape we propose establishing a fine masked bicycle network, reinforcing the profile of Sloterdijk as an area built up around infrastructure with a retro futuristic fascination for elevated roads, viaducts and bridges. The spaces created under and around the new infrastructure make it possible to introduce programme such as lunch cafes, kiosks and bicycle storages, which currently do not exist. The addition of programme will generate part of the financing for the bicycle network and create a pleasant human scale public space which can work as catalyst for the general improvement of the image of Sloterdijk.